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Pure sine wave inverter with battery charging via solar power. Output rated at 1100 VA. Requires two 12 V lead-acid batteries to be connected externally.

Warranty: 1-year-carry-in repair/replacement warranty for manufacturing defects. Extendable to 2-years on-site if installed by Audissey as part of a complete solution.

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Key Features

  • Inverter switches on automatically when grid power fails. Inbuilt automatic changeover relay eliminates need for manual changeover.
  • Automatic battery charger built in, with user selectable settings for different battery types. Battery will charge off solar power when available and grid power when not.
  • Can be operated without solar panels, allowing for the panels to be installed later and thereby reducing the initial investment.
  • Accommodates 2 batteries, maximizing backup time.


Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Output Voltage 220V ± 5V
Output Frequency 50Hz ± 0.5Hz
Rated Capacity 1100VA
Overload Handling Capability 110% for 30 seconds
150% for 2 seconds
200% for 1 second
Battery Requirement Two 12 Volt lead-acid batteries (not included)
Supported Battery Types Flat Plate / Tubular / Sealed Maintenance Free
Recommended Battery Capacity 150 Ah
Maximum Charging Current from Grid 10A / 15A (user selectable)
Solar Panels
Nominal PV Voltage 24V
Maximum Open Circuit Voltage 46V
Maximum PV Power 1000W
Mains Input 3-core double-insulated captive cable (1 metre long)
Output 3-pin dual socket (accommodates 5A or 15A plug)
Battery Red and black captive leads with factory attached lugs (each 0.75 metres long)
PV Input 2-pole terminal block
Cooling System DC fan ×1 (operates only when required)
Dimensions 315×375×150 mm (W×D×H)
Net Weight 14.5 kg

What’s in the Box

  • 1100 VA hybrid inverter with inbuilt grid/solar battery charger
  • User manual


Please note that using a cable with electrical plugs fitted at both ends to connect the output of the inverter to a wall outlet in the premises, is highly dangerous and definitely not recommended. If it is required to feed the output of the inverter to multiple areas of the premises, it is advisable get a competent electrician to wire it directly to the electrical distribution board.


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