Battery, Lead-Acid, Tall Tubular, 12V 150Ah | Amaron CR150TT


12V 150Ah tall tubular lead-acid inverter battery

Warranty: 1-year-carry-in repair/replacement warranty for manufacturing defects. Extendable to 2-years on-site if installed by Audissey as part of a complete solution.

Delivery: Customer pickup only (by prior appointment)

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Key benefits of tubular batteries

  • Well suited to the long discharge cycles that batteries are subject to in home inverter applications.
  • Longer service life when compared to flat plate batteries, due primarily to slower deterioration of the tubular electrodes.
  • Service life expectancy of 3~5 years in daily cyclic use, such as in off-grid solar energy systems, and even longer in standby backup power applications.
  • Less frequent need for topping up with distilled water (once every 3 months is usually sufficient).

What’s in the Box

  • 12V 150Ah battery ×1
  • Bolts, washers and nuts for securing inverter leads to battery ×2 sets
  • Float gauge for checking electrolyte level ×1


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