About Us

Megatronics showroom, in around 2005
Megatronics, circa 2005

Megatronics was established in 1996 and became widely known after our website was launched in 2001. As the distributor in Sri Lanka at that time for Maplin Electronics (UK) and Velleman Components (Belgium), we catered to electronics hobbyists, students and professionals throughout Sri Lanka, who were seeking quality products at reasonable prices.

In 2007, Megatronics closed it’s outlet at Dutugemunu Street in Kohuwala. We continued to sell Maplin and Velleman products online for a few more years after that, but eventually decided to focus all our attention on our handcrafted ‘Audissey’ speakers and our custom AV solutions business.

It’s 2022 now and megatronics.lk is set to make a comeback under the patronage of Audissey Custom AV Solutions, with a broader product range and more payment options, so stay tuned!